Mamata Lahiri lives in the Pokomba village with her husband. He works as a daily paid worker. They have a son who is mentally disabled. She wanted to do something for her family, but she was forbidden to go out of her residence as she is a woman. She was enduring the mental torture from her in-laws. She belongs to the socially excluded community who has suffered financially and from social discrimination. She said “I could not go because my help towards my family is a hindrance from the family’s point of view as well as this patriarchal society.”

However, when the SHG/PRATYA representatives visited her, she became quite motivated by the approach of SHG /PRATYA. She managed to come out of her families prejudice and superstition and attended the different programmes and meetings organized by SMOKUS-PACS. She understood the darkness of discrimination for women. Now, she knows her constitutional rights through the path and guidance of SMOKUS-PRATYA along with the PACS’ lesson. She has admitted that she knows about the primary rights on MGNREGS, NUTRITION, HEALTH, facilities of JSY, RSBY, and the discrimination on gender.

Earlier, even she was underprivileged from the facility of job card of MGNREGA and an account on her name was not created. To do something precious for her son and her existence, she has joined the ‘Swanirbhar Dol’. She went to the Gram Panchayat and withdrew her job card and created a bank account in her name.

On the other hand, when her husband was severely ill and she herself admitted him to the hospital, who once neglected her, forbade her as she was ‘just a woman’ to him. She took all the services of RSBY and executed them for her husband. She has proved herself as a survivor though she belongs to a socially excluded group.

She has been a representative of PRATYA and has advocated for the rights of a woman and for the MGNREGA, Nutrition, and Health with the different services of JSY, RSBY. Through her advocacy she facilitated 15 socially excluded people with their job cards and helped them to open their bank accounts with a zero balance. Our Mamata Di also arranged the services of RSBY for 5 socially excluded people and she took 50 women and encouraged them to fill up the forms of job card of MGNREGA to Gram Panchayat.

She visits families and aware them on their rights on MGNREGA, HEALTH, NUTRITION, so that they will not face any discrimination from any facilities and services. With the help of capacity building meeting by SMOKUS-PACS, she is able to grow leadership quality within herself. She has acknowledged the help and cooperation of SMOKUS and PACS’s guidance.