Dayamoni Roy is 30 years old and lives in the Bhatin Gram village of Durlavpur Gram Panchayat in Itahar block. She is well known in her village for her deliberation and kind heartedness. She is physically disabled from birth, but her courage to help others in need is never less. However, she was suffering from her grief which comes of her appearance towards the community and society. Her family is worried as nobody wants to marry her because of her physical disability. Dayamoni is still unmarried and she has become a worry for her family. A mental agony has suppressed her completely.

The SHG /PRATYA of Bhatin gram came to know about Dayamoni from the villagers. They decided to visit Dayamoni’s residence and meet her. The inner conflict Dayamoni has been undergoing since a long period of time is distinctly manifested on her face with a silent smile. The members (women) of the visited SHG understood her confession clearly and talked with her about every point for which she was suffering. They placed the example of Stephen Hawkins, a world famous great physicist who is physically disabled. They advised her that there are lots of ways to live our life. She needs to think of the beauty she possess’ which cannot be undervalued under any circumstances.

Thereafter, they asked her to participate in the meeting and Gram Sabha by the SHG/PRATYA of SMOKUS on MGNREGS, HEALTH, NUTRITION and other services of JSY, RSBY, ICDS. She has been informed about the various rights of women, provided by our Constitution. These meetings with Dayamoni have brought a positive result in her life. She has joined as a SHG member of SMOKUS. 12 new Job Cards have been filled, 38 socially excluded people have got vermi-composting work under the MGNREGA scheme. 40 new enrollments have been enlisted in RSBY and 2 malnourished children have been sent to NRC in Dalkhola. This is all through her advocacy and intense dedication towards the service, for the socially excluded community people.

Enlightened by the lessons given by SMOKUS-PACS, it has created a motivational power and self confidence. Dayamoni has arranged meetings with the women of the village to inform them on different services of JSY, RSBY, ICDS. She has also encouraged the women for the institutional birth and for claiming their rights, they should go for advocacy to the Gram Panchayat and Block office. She has been able to facilitate two (2) members for RSBY services.

She with the other socially excluded women, organized meeting on MGNREGA scheme and discussed the procedure to fill up the 4 (a) form in the Gram Panchayat to have MGNREGA employment and job card within the certain time. She advised that they should keep the job cards with them and not be deprived of their rights. 36 families got employment from the MGNREGA scheme.

The women and the socially excluded community have been able to realize their rights and needs through those meetings organized by SMOKUS. In this way, Dayamoni Roy has been encouraging the women and the families to achieve their goals. She has become an inspiration for the other socially excluded women and got a ray of hope to be revived. Dayamoni changed herself and mobilized the women and the people through the power of motivation and encouragement within the short period of being a member of SMOKUS-PACS.