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SMOKUS has been actively working on Anti – Trafficking issues and Safe Migration throughout the Uttar Dinajpur District. These are the vital problems that lie in the villages of Uttar Dinajpur. Mainly our activities depend on safe migration, anti trafficking and child rights.

It is an independent, non-governmental organization. Its headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland. It is working for half a century, for the children’s rights and to promote development through solidarity. It supports about 50 development projects in 11 countries in the World. The supported projects allow the underprivileged members of the society, especially children, to better uphold their rights and fulfill their basic needs. Terre des Hommes Suisse seeks to educate the children and youth to work towards a society which encourages sustainable development.

Title: Rupantore

Coverage: Raiganj Block of Uttar Dinajpur district in West Bengal.
The focus of the Project: Ensuring Child Rights

Overall objective:

By 2016, children will be protected from exploitation by raising awareness towards unsafe migration and through effective intervention in the coverage area.

Specific Objective:

  • Reduction of unsafe migration through establishment of good governance in Uttar Dinajpur.
  • Establishment of human rights based community safety net system.
  • Mobilization of community and other stakeholders through awareness generation towards.


Activity 1: Formation of village level safety network system:
Presently, a safety network system against trafficking and unsafe migration is functioning through the formation of Village Vigilance Committees. Through monitoring and keeping records of the migration, especially child migration and making recommendation to the migrants from the respective villages, they execute their operation. They have made the community people aware about trafficking, unsafe migration and child marriage.

Activity 2: Provide ‘Safe Migration Help Card’ to migrants to prevent trafficking:
The Safe Migration Help Card is developed by SMOKUS. The Ministry of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal has approved the card. This is an initiative to prevent trafficking, unsafe migration and to end the distressing condition of unsafe Migrants and to promote the practicing of Safe Migration in both individual and community levels. The safe migration help card is the only identity that the majority of migrants have in their possession.

Activity 3: Develop Child Resource Centre:
A continuous effort has been taken to make the children aware and educated on their Rights, and about the relevant issues of Child Labor, Child Trafficking, Child Marriage, current affairs, functional geography, local history, health, nutrition, environment & computer. A curriculum in the respective subjects covering almost every aspect of the said issues and routine has been prepared. Various unique forms of participative activities have been adopted to impart the knowledge and information to the children along with the formally recognized teaching methods of question-answer, discussion, etc. Such activities includes, different types of folk games, songs, poetry recitation, dance, drawing, drama, etc., which are innovatively used by the Facilitators and animators as the most effective, supportive activities to their learning process.

Activity 4: Setup ‘Village Resource & Information centre:
Through the Village Resource & Information centre, the community people are made aware about trafficking and child protection, livelihood & basic services by providing them important information to ensure rights & entitlements to avoid falling into catastrophic circumstances.

Activity 5: Strengthening SHGs;
The SHGs regularly interact through meetings & workshop, where the discussions on Anti Trafficking, Child Rights, Woman Rights, Safe Migration, PRI are held to make them aware and educated on the same. Further, at these meetings the Facilitators and animators provide constructive feedback through suggestions and training instantly to resolve any problems regarding the core issues or other SHG or PRI related problems. These SHG members are now aware of the PRI, Child Rights, Woman Rights and relevant social issues. They participate in different awareness campaign on Anti trafficking & Safe Migration along with the members of Village Vigilance Committees and Children of Child Resource Centres.

Activity 6: Action for Community mobilization;
Mobilize the community members for active participation in the village Sansad meeting for ensuring their access to available Government schemes. The community will act as a pressure group to PRI for the inclusion of anti-trafficking initiative in their action plan.

Activity 7: Advocacy initiatives:
Advocacy with block and district level PRI and Government officials for effective implementation of NREGA and other government schemes meant for the livelihood improvement. For strengthening up the advocacy effort of the SHGs to ensure the rights of children and women of this area, the groups of SHGs will be made connected with the district level federation of SHGs, i.e. PRATYA. In order to make the local school authority to concentrate on the problem of child trafficking in the area, the children of Child Resource Centres will initiate an awareness campaign on anti trafficking at local formal schools periodically.

Activity 8: Network initiative:
Strengthening the existing Network of NGO of the District & regional level and involving them in the action plan for anti trafficking initiative.