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Project area: Bindol GP of Raiganj Block, Uttar Dinajpur District.
Target group: Marginalized people, mostly women and youth groups.

Goal of the project:

  1. To empower the Women’s groups in order to ensure women’s participation in decision making process and in effective delivery of services.
  2. To make women aware of their rights on various issues.
  3. To strengthen the local self-governance mechanism/ Gram Panchayat through sensitizing the system and the people who are running the system.

Objectives of the project:

  1. To incorporate village community in PRI.
  2. To form new SHGs and uniting various other SHGs under one umbrella.
  3. To engage CBOs in village development.
  4. To involve people in the process of decentralization of Panchayati Raj Institution.


  1. Providing information and mobilizing the marginalized community on livelihood issues.
  2. Organizing and motivating the poor, marginalized and landless people to take up alternate employment and skill building.
  3. Preparation of the list of SHGs in villages and Panchayats.
  4. Convincing them about the importance of functioning under one umbrella to get a better market price for their product.
  5. Capacity building of the SHGs.
  6. Mobilizing CBOs and connecting them with people.
  7. Educating the CBOs on developmental issues.
  8. Formation of a Joint Forumwith all the CBOs of the project area.
  9. Strengthening GUS through regular meetings of the Gram Sansad Sabha and Gram Sabha.
  10. Identification of problems related to livelihood through group discussion.
  11. Awareness sessions on livelihood and role of Panchayat and people at Gram Sansad level.
  12. Organizing discussions at Panchayat level with people like teachers, ICDS workers, health workers.
  13. Organizing cultural events like street play, video and poster exhibitions.
  14. Establishing an information center.
  15. Organizing workshops to inform people about various employment schemes.
  16. Regular meetings with the leaders of SHGs at Panchayat level about their role in village development.
  17. Organizing discussion among various CBOs, local club and other groups at Gram Sansad level.
  18. Organizing joint meetings between villagers and CBOs.
  19. Formation of ‘General forum’ with all social organization of Panchayat.
  20. Arranging a discussion with all stakeholders, people and CBOs, etc.