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SMOKUS has been working on the project since 15th January, 2015. It is an initiative of the PACS- project and SMOKUS for the poor, marginalized community people to get a sustainable source of income by developing a gender inclusive value.

Target Groups and Area Coverage:

The beneficiaries are the member of SHGs and belong to the underprivileged, BPL and marginalized communities. 200 SHG members from the Raiganj, Kaliyaganj and Itahar block will be selected.

Objectives of the project:

  • To create collective and sustainable economic opportunities among the 200 SHG group members.
  • To develop a gender inclusive value chain by providing the women artisans, with design and market interface.
  • To create an enabling environment to promote socio-economic condition, gender equality & equity.

Expected Results\Outcomes:

  • 200 women will be organized and registered under the Producers’ Company Act, which will enable them to collectively brand and market their products.
  • 200 women artisans are capacitated to produce high quality products in jute which will ensure competitive market value for the products.
  • The market presence of the women artisans and the new product lines developed for Market demand, will be generated for the new product lines developed which is going to be the USP of the women’s collectives as they will be dealing in new jute product lines.

Key Components:

  • Registration of collective into profit making entity:
    The 200 women proposed are already part of the SHGs, and are also the members of the federation (currently unregistered), called “Pratah”. One of the first strategies is to organize these women as an artistic community and register them under the Producers Company Act. Registering under such a legal entity will help them venture into profit making activities in a collective manner.
    Thereby, the women are already organized, and during the first quarter of the project, they will be registered under the Producers Company Act.
  • Design development and Product diversification:
    Currently the women are making only carpets with no design interface. The women artisans can be provided with a set of trainings on product diversification, where table mats, different size of floor carpets, foot mats, and curtains can also be experimented with. Similarly, there can be a design interface, where the designs of the products can also be diversified, and developed, catering to the taste of the urban market.
  • Market linkages: One of the most important aspects where the intervention is required is to build up a market interface. The Project will not restrict to any one type of market linkages. It will try to explore as many possibilities as possible.

Following are the various market interfaces which will be explored during the project duration:

  • Traditional market linkages with existing market.
  • Exploring e-commerce, web portals and other internet marketing avenues.
  • Exploring the option of opening of Showroom in Kolkata to display and marketing of new product lines in jute products.
  • Exposure to the producer company members to various market exhibitions, haats and fairs.